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RPG Character Dice Set I

RPG Character Dice Set I


A Set of 4 dice that allow you roll a character for D&D 3, 3.5 or Pathfinder.

Each set includes 2 alignment dice, 1 race die and 1 class die.

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Jorge R.
United States United States
it's been almost 3 weeks

How long does it take for something to be delivered.

Jen G.
United States
A new take on character building

These are really fun! Haven’t used them with a campaign yet, but with friends just brainstorming.

Steve W.
The dice are excellent !!

While I have not had a chance to use them in creating an actual character for a game (since I am on an AD&D hiatus), I have messed around with them in my own time. They really help one image making up an interesting character you wouldn't normally play. They're great fun. Also, I think of the 'roll again' tags as representing another Fighter choice or as another Human choice because these are more common to my old campaign world. I also imagine the choice of Monk or Barbarian being used as a reroll for Oriental Adventures characters, that could include Kensai, Shukenja, Sohei, Samurai, and Monks. The quality of the dice are top notch too. Thank you Jade Gaming from Steve at THACO DRAGON !!

Kayla S.
United States
Given as a gift

Got this for my husband and it was a winner! Can't wait to make up characters.

Pauline B.
United States
Dice Set

This is a Xmas gift for me grandson, I'm sure he will love it.